Testing & Commissioning

Power Quality & Harmonic Analysis

Power quality and harmonic analysis the properly designed which affects on the power system.


Most valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance of electrical installations.

Retrofit & upgradation

We are able to offer onsite retrofit/upgradation of circuit breaker repairs & installation.

Design & Engg. Services

Industry leading expertise to address all of your power system needs.

Energy Audit

Tesla Power provides you with the framework needed to establish or improve energy management.

Consultancy for Automation Solutions

We have the skill to program in every PLC environment and on any platform.


Professional training opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge.


TESLA POWER is committed to achieve highest quality through continual improvement of Quality Management System in accordance with latest edition of ISO 9001 and thus implemented ISO 9001:2015. This latest standard have been concluded over three years of meticulous review by experts from nearly 95 participating and observing countries to bring the standard up to date with modern needs.

The environmental care and overall safety are integral to our business thus we have also implemented ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 at Tesla Power.

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